New Distro, records in the works....

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Hey everyone

Here's a quick update on a few things....

1.) We have officially moved on to a new distribution company called The Independent Label Collective.  The ILC is going to be distributing some of the finest most righteous jams from the likes of labels like Asian Man Records, Frontier Records, Red Scare, Chunksaah, Gilead Media, Sympathy For The Record Industry, Second Nature, Magic Bullet, The Mylene Sheath and a bunch more!  You should go check out their site at  Also feel free to look them up on facebook and become a fan!  The Syrens EP is moving out there to the stores nationwide so if you can't find it (or any of our other records) in your local store then let us know and we will hook it up! Or you can go to our webstore to pick up a copy.... the Syrens EP will also be live on iTunes and all other digital outlets on July 14th, but screw digital, buy CD's!

2.) The Sakes Alive 7" is going to be in production very very soon!  As long as everything goes smoothly this should be available for your listening pleasure very soon!

3.) Eagle Scout has announced the name of their upcoming full length which will be called "New Hands".  Haven't got a chance to hear any of the tracks yet but after hearing the rough demos we can only imagine how awesome it is going to sound!

4.) Tons of tours!  Check out our myspace page at (until I get a chance to update the tours section here!)  Syrens, Sakes Alive, and NORTH are all doing a TON of shows this summer, one of them is bound to be by you!

5.) There was a chemical spill near where we work, we were kind of quarantined for a bit by the cops and it was on the local news, my throat and eyes were burning a little bit, hopefully they don't pop out of my skull.

That's it for now, rock on.

We just got these bad boys and we are damn stoked with how this album turned out!  40 minutes of some killer doom/stoner/sludge metal from Portland, Oregon. Check out Nanda Devi at  In stores February 10th!
Hey folks! Both colors of this amazing record are finally available!  Those of you who have not picked up the yellow w/ black planets go check em out now! Only about 200 of this very limited color so get em while they last!


Cavity Records welcomes Syrens!

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Yessir! We are pleased to announce that Syrens (TEXAS) has joined the Cavity family! Go check out some sweet jams here...


Check out what people are saying about these dudes...

"There's only three bands that I've gotten this stoked on in the past decade and that's Daughters, the new Coalesce album, and these guys." ~ Matt Beck, Spitfire 

"A progressive onslaught of extreme metal" ~ HM Magazine

"I was almost hit by a bass, a swinging microphone and bits of broken guitar. and the show was still amazing. if not just a little intense."~Bethany, North Richland Hills TX

"a spontaneous combustion of amazing power like godzilla rising out of the ocean."~Kyle, TX

Cavity Records welcomes Eagle Scout

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We are stoked to announce we will be working with Illinois' Eagle Scout for a digital release of "Pandamonium!"  Should be up on iTunes and everywhere else very soon, until then go check them out here!

Eagle Scout_CoverArt-small.jpg

Forming in 2006, Eagle Scout (then known as Cool Your Jets) hit the stage with a youthful indie/dance sound. After months of shows in their home state of Illinois, the band hit the road for a brief Midwest tour in May of 2007. Since then, they have continued maturing and developing their sound. With influences and experiences in hardcore, ambient, punk, and indie rock, Eagle Scout has formed a unique sound complimented with an energetic show. Eagle Scout recorded a six song E.P. titled Pandamonium! with Karl F. Kling in Spring of 2008 before hitting the road again - performing across the Midwest, New York, and everywhere in between. The band received a positive review on and is currently working with Cavity Records (Giants, North) out of Toledo, OH. A digital release of Pandamonium! will be released in November under Cavity. 

Welcome Mooncake and Sakes Alive!!

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That's right, two more killer bands have joined the Cavity Records family! 

Mooncake is quite possibly the best band ever to call Russia home. This is a group of great guys who have written one top-notch post-rock record. We will be helping the guys out with an official digital release of "Lagrange Points". Hopefully we will soon have the good news of a physical release from the band for over here. We HIGHLY recommend you go to and check out these quality jams.

If that's not sweet enough for you, we will also be doing what will more than likely be an amazing 7"/Digital EP from New York's Sakes Alive!! ( "Act II" will be the follow-up to the bands "Act I" released earlier this year by the fine people at Barrett Records. Shooting for very early 2009 on this guy so keep checking back for updates. 

Giants and North both on tour now!

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Check out the tours section to see a list of where you can go see each band, they will NOT disappoint live, and I know we are looking forward to North coming to Toledo and watch them tear it up.

Also if you aren't able to make it to one of the shows, be sure to check out our webstore and pick both band's new albums.  North with "What You Were" and Giants "Old Stories", both albums are incredible and will be seeing the vinyl treatment soon.

Until then, North's previous instrumental release "RUINS" will be available soon as an LP+CD combo with brand new artwork and on two tasty colors of vinyl, we should be getting test presses soon (maybe some kind of test press contest is in order?) so keep updated!!!


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Make sure you head over to to rock North's latest record, What You Were in full!

Paulson 2XLP available now!!!

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Hey everyone, after many delays we finally have the Paulson records in. WOOOO!!!  These turned out absolutely amazing and have been well worth the wait.  They were pressed on three different colors of vinyl for your enjoyment and feature brand new artwork, check out the Cavity webstore and pick one of these beautiful babies up today!

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